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"My 14-year-old daughter and I successfully applied your vinyl stripe combo on our horse trailer this morning, and it was easy to do and looks great. Thank you again so much for all of your help."
                                                                     Scott - Massachusetts Applying a graphic
Horse Spring Stripe - 7.5" x 60"
Color: Metallic Silver

About Our Graphics

'High Performance' is the name of the highest grade of vinyl made for outdoor use. We use only high performance vinyl. Our vinyl comes from the industry leaders: 3M, Gerber Scientific, Arlon, and Oracal.

When you place your order, we don't go to a bin, pull out a mass-market graphic, and send it to you. We put a fresh roll of high-grade vinyl on a machine, and we cut your order. Because we individually cut each order, we can offer sizes in between, or larger than, those listed on the website.

Graphics should only be applied at 60-85° Fahrenheit (16-29° Celsius), with the vehicle out of direct sunlight. In general you can apply graphics anywhere, except directly over the heat of the engine.

Vinyl graphics come as a sandwich, with the graphic in the middle. The application sandwich looks like this:

Vinyl graphic
Non-stick paper
Your Vehicle

The two pieces of "bread" in the sandwich are discarded when the graphic is applied to your vehicle. The steps are as follows:

1.  Temporarily position the "sandwich" on your vehicle with masking tape, then step back to make sure the graphic is where you want it. Adjust until the position looks right to the eye.

2.  Remove the nonstick paper from the graphic and press to your vehicle, using the squeegee we provide.

3.  Peel the mask from the graphic and discard.

Detailed application instructions are on our "How To Apply" page.

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