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 Horse trailer stripes
  M.R. Bain - Oregon, author of The Business of Horses

                        Trail Scenes Prices
                      22" x 40"= $65          25" x 45"= $75
                      28" x 50"= $85          30" x 54"= $95
             Call or email for custom sizes and combinations.

Trail Scene Couple Quarters
Trail Scene Couple Quarters 400L (left facing)
Trail Scene Couple Quarters 400R (right facing)

Trail Scene Couple Paints
Trail Scene Couple Paints 401L
Trail Scene Couple Paints 401R

Trail Scene Couple Gaited        
Trail Scene Couple Gaited 402L
Trail Scene Couple Gaited 402R

Trail Scene Couple Gaited and Paint       
Trail Scene Couple Gaited Paints 403L
Trail Scene Couple Gaited Paints 403R

Trail Scene Gaited Trio
Trail Scene Gaited Trio 404L
Trail Scene Gaited Trio 404R

We also do custom Trail Scenes. The example below,
at 36" x 80", would be $190. We can add or subtract number of riders, horse breeds, trees, clouds, etc.

Trail Scene Deluxe

Say Thank You
Say Thank You 97L
Say Thank You 97R

12" x 18"= $30.00
14" x 21"= $35.00
16" x 29"= $40.00

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Metallic Colors
metallic silver      metallic bronze
Silver         Bronze

metallic charcoal     metallic dark charcoal
  Charcoal    DkCharcoal

metallic black      metallic copper
Black            Copper

metallic champagne      metallic burgundy
 Champagne Burgundy

 metallic azure blue    metallic royal blue
  AzureBlue    RoyalBlue

 metallic bay gold     metallic violet
 BayGold      Violet     

metallic teal    

white     black
  White          Black      

cardinal red